Cub Care & PE Uniforms Info



The emotional stability and endurance of our students are a countywide concern. There is a direct correlation between students’ emotional obstacles and their lack of physical activities.  More than ever, our Cubs spend more time inside and online than participating in physical activities.  Effective physical activity is productive and beneficial to the well-being of our students.  Social acceptance often interferes with the students cooperation with participation. Students are reluctant to dress out for various reasons-from body image concerns to relational aggression.  Fitting in or going unnoticed become top priorities-surpassing academic focuses.  The physical education setting must provide common ground for all students to willingly participate on an even playing field. They need to feel comfortable. We cannot allow an opportunity for students to socially intimidate their peers.  Common PE uniforms provide a commonality that rarely exists in the middle school setting.  The probability of standing out negatively during a physical activity decreases.  Students now have the common understanding and comfort of apparel to sincerely physically participate-and in turn, let out some of those intense emotions which often lead to painful outcomes.  Strategies to intervene are critical.  Increasing physical participation is physically and emotionally rewarding.


We are asking for you to join our efforts to take on this concern as a team. We must all work together!


PE uniforms are now available!      $10