Calendar Changes Due Hurricane/TropicalStorms

Revised 2016-2017 Camden County Schools Calendar
October 14th, 2016
A PDF copy of the revised 2016-2017 Calendar can be download from the following link: 2016-17-weather-revisions-101316


Makeup day October 31 is now a Full Day.

Makeup Day November 23 is a Full Day.

December 16 is no longer an early release day. It is now a full day.

Makeup day December 19 is a Full Day.

Makeup day December 20 is an Early Release Day.

January 2 which now becomes a Full Day.
* December 16 becomes a Full Day so December 20 can be an Early Release Day


These changes allow for the two semesters at the two high schools to contain a similar number of instructional days to keep pacing aligned and to prepare for exams.

Additionally, the above changes hold three optional workdays in second semester to be used as makeup days if needed for inclement weather rather than immediately using Spring Break for makeup days.

With the above changes we continue with 1061 instructional hours for the 2016-2017 school year which is well in excess of the required 1025 hours of instruction mandated by state law