Welcome to the School Counselor’s Corner!

Responsive services such as crisis management and conflict resolution will be offered as needed. Students may see me by self referral, parent referral as well as teacher referral.

Please feel free to call or stop by my office to discuss any concerns you may have with your student(s). I look forward to assisting the students, parents, teachers and staff in having a positive and successful school year!

Christy Thomas

School Counselor
CMS 338-3349 ext. 224

To schedule a meeting with Mrs. Thomas, please complete the form here:


Mental Health Resources for Parents and Teens

www.AFSP,org (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) – Tips on helping students cope with a peer suicide (North Carolina Suicide Prevention – resources for parents)

Local Counselors who have stated they would like to assist students in our community during this time of need are Dr. David Kleinschuster, 252-338-0098, and Lorrie Meads, Grace Counseling, 252-340-5778.

Both are located in Elizabeth City.  Ms. Meads has a Survivors of Suicide Support Group as well.

Summer Academic Support Links (grades k-5 academic games for different subjects)  (grades K-10 Math, Science and Problem Solving) (grades K-8 games in all subjects)  (Writer Igniter helps writers in grades 5-12)